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Virtual Trips

Be present and participate in a LIVE virtual tour led

Virtual Workshops

Our workshops and demonstrations are live and highly diverse. They

Virtual Chats

Our live chats are designed for students, teachers, educators and/or

Virtual Music

Our music programs are designed to actively share music and

Virtual Classrooms

This virtual platform allows local students and educators to connect

Virtual Volunteer

Volunteering using online platforms is an innovative way to help

Virtual Music

Our music programs are designed to actively share music and rhythms with other groups from around the world. These may be in the form of choir, band, or orchestra rehearsals, performances, workshops, or exchange programs with musicians and people from other cultures. ViVamonos provides the tools, resources, and assistance for completing a music virtual experience. Here are some of the benefits we offer: Music exchange performances with choirs or music groups from other cultures Connect

Why ViVámonos?

Throughout the years, Vamonos has learned to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, such as the Zika virus, terrorism in Europe, Hurricanes Irma and Maria, earthquakes, etc. The current global pandemic is unlike anything this world has ever seen since 1917. Schools are closed, trips are canceled, students and teachers are at home. As former teachers, we are aware of the high demands and constraints of a daily teaching schedule. However, we can’t imagine how much more


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