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DESTINATION: Any Spanish / French-speaking place
THEMES: Cultural awareness, careers, anthropology, Spanish or French,
LANGUAGE: Spanish or French
GROUP SIZE: 10-25 participants
PRESENTERS: Vamonos host and a Native speaker expert
DESCRIPTION: Interview a native speaker at his/her field of work. Ask him / her questions. Are you studying hotel or airport management? Chat with a receptionist or with an airport ticket agent!

Practice your listening, speaking, and comprehension skills
Use recently-learned technical vocabulary specific to a field of work
Ask questions about the expert’s field of work as you produce simple and sophisticated questions in the target language

5 Mins: Meet your Vamonos host and native speaker;; introduction to this experience
25-40 Min: ViChat with a Spanish or French speaker expert

APPROPRIATENESS: This workshop is appropriate for students ages 10 and up. Teacher supervision is required for minors.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This workshop works best with a live audience ready to ask questions and interact with the speaker under the supervision of their teacher.

Formats available: ViChat

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  • Pricing Name
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  • Pricing Name ViChat Small Group 10-15
    10 - 15 Pax
    Available Seats: 15

    Student ( 10 - 15 Pax ) $12.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name ViChat Large Group 16-30
    16 - 30 Pax
    Available Seats: 30

    Student ( 16 - 30 Pax ) $10.00 /Person

    - +