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THEME (S): Cultural awareness, Spanish, Culinary arts
PRESENTER (S): Jorge & Anabelle Rivera
LANGUAGE: English and Spanish
GROUP SIZE: 10-20 participants

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to make one of Puerto Rico’s most popular snacks through simple home cooking methods.

Learn how to prepare authentic Puerto Rican empanadas.
Use your Spanish skills to interview and ask local chef (s) restaurant and/or recipe-related questions.

20 Min: Introduction and meeting Jorge and Anabelle Rivera in our “Cafecito and prep”
45-60 Min: Live Experience with chefs Jorge and Anabelle Rivera
15 Min: Q&A with Chefs Jorge and Anabelle Rivera
Prep time: 15 min

APPROPRIATENESS: This workshop is appropriate for students age 12 and up. Adult supervision is required for minors.

MATERIALS: ViVámonos will provide a copy of the recipe and the list of cooking equipment needed one week prior to the activity. Participants are responsible for:
Ingredients and equipment as per recipe
Equipment – it may include, but is not limited to: cutting board, spatula, mixing bowl, large spoon, knife, rolling pin, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This workshop requires cooking on a stovetop, therefore, parental supervision is required for minors in order to ensure participant safety.

Formats available: ViWorkshop

Class includes list of necessary ingredients, list of tools needed, recipe, step by step instructions, and Q&A session with instructors.

Class does not include cost of ingredients, materials, tools needed to complete the course, dietary modifications to recipe.

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  • Pricing Name ViWorkshop Small Group 10-15
    10 - 15 Pax
    Available Seats: 15

    Student ( 10 - 15 Pax ) $30.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name ViWorkshop Large Group 16-30
    16 - 30 Pax
    Available Seats: 30

    Student ( 16 - 30 Pax ) $28.00 /Person

    - +