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DESTINATION: Any English / Spanish / French-speaking place
THEMES: Cultural awareness, pandemic, anthropology, science LANGUAGE: English, Spanish or French
GROUP SIZE: 10-25 participants
PRESENTERS: Vamonos host and a local resident speaker
DESCRIPTION: Chat with a local resident of an English, Spanish, or French speaking country from around the world. Find out what life’s like in that particular place during the Covid19 pandemic.

Chat with local residents from around the world as you increase your global and cultural awareness.
Practice your listening, speaking, and comprehension skills (for Spanish / French destinations)
Find out government and community efforts used to decrease the spread of the virus.
Use recently-learned technical vocabulary specific to a field of work (for Spanish / French destinations)

5 Mins: Meet your Vamonos host and native speaker;; introduction to this experience
25-40 Min: ViChat with a local resident

APPROPRIATENESS: This workshop is appropriate for students ages 10 and up. Teacher supervision is required for minors.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This workshop works best with a live audience ready to ask questions and interact with the speaker under the supervision of their teacher.

Formats available: ViChat

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  • Pricing Name
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  • Pricing Name ViChat Small Group 10-15
    10 - 15 Pax
    Available Seats: 15

    Student ( 10 - 15 Pax ) $12.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name ViChat Large Group 16-30
    16 - 30 Pax
    Available Seats: 30

    Student ( 16 - 30 Pax ) $10.00 /Person

    - +