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THEMES: Cultural awareness, Spanish, Culinary arts
LANGUAGE: English and Spanish
GROUP SIZE: 10-20 participants
PRESENTERS: Vamonos host and a renown Puerto Rican chef

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to make one of Puerto Rico’s most popular snacks through simple home cooking methods.

Learn how to prepare authentic Puerto Rican sorullitos (corn-filled fritters).
Find out the best methods to move efficiently in a kitchen as you prepare your snack.
Use your Spanish skills to interview and ask local chef (s) recipe and/or restaurant-related questions.

5 Mins: Meet your Vamonos host and local cook; introduction to this experience
25-40 Min: LivExperience and cooking workshop
5-10 mins: Q & A session

APPROPRIATENESS: This workshop is appropriate for students age 12 and up. Adult supervision is required for minors.

MATERIALS: ViVamonos will provide a copy of the recipe and the list of cooking equipment needed days prior to the activity. Participants are responsible for:
Ingredients and equipment as per recipe
Equipment - it may include, but is not limited to: cutting board, spatula, mixing bowl, large spoon, knife, rolling pin, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This workshop requires cooking on a stovetop, therefore, parental supervision is required for minors in order to ensure participant safety.

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    Available Seats: 15

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    16 - 30 Pax
    Available Seats: 30

    Student ( 16 - 30 Pax ) $28.00 /Person

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