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Our unique virtual experiences are always live, always authentic, always meaningful. They come in the format of live chats via speakers, workshops, live volunteer opportunities, live site tours, concerts, and so much more. These experiences are engaging, interactive, structured, and fun. 

Each experience is led by a ViVámonos host that stays with you throughout the length of the session. Enrolled participants receive a “prep-package”  that may contain documents, videos, expectations, and/or materials to prepare them for an effective virtual experience. 


Be present and participate in a LIVE virtual tour led by the Vamonos Tours and their staff (local experts, certified guides). These tours, available in diverse destinations across the world, are a great tool for students, adults, and any travelers. Meet and explore destinations as you connect with locals LIVE. Choose multiple destinations even in one day.

Choose between a virtual or a live experience through iconic locations and/or activities. Participants are encouraged to interact, ask questions, and even try some of the locals’ favorite treats while on a tour. Each session includes two speakers, maps, historical importances, and relevant resources.




Our workshops and demonstrations are live and highly diverse. They range in topic anywhere from a salsa dance course to cooking lessons and beyond. They are offered in English, Spanish, French.

They are offered to small groups up to 8 participants or to live interactive audiences via webinars for larger groups. Sessions can be experienced at home, at school, or at any location with internet access.





Our live chats are designed for students, teachers, educators and/or organizations as a live tool to connect in real time with professionals and experts from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. We are not in the business of wasting anyone’s time. As former educators, we look for speakers to interact with participants and create an inquisitive taste for more. 

Do you want to bring native speakers to interact with your language students and spice up classroom conversations? 

Would you just like to bring real culture or history into your classroom or work environment? 

Do you want to show your group real science, geography, or simply make your educational experience meaningful? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, invite one of our live guest speakers to your workplace or classroom.





Our music programs are designed to actively share music and rhythms with other groups from around the world. These may be in the form of choir, band, or orchestra rehearsals, performances, workshops, and/or exchange programs with musicians and people from other cultures.

ViVámonos provides the tools, resources, and assistance for completing a music virtual experience.





This virtual platform allows local students and educators to connect with other classrooms, students, and/or communities abroad. We can pair up pen-pals in Latin America and Europe in Spanish, French, or English. 

We prepare teachers and schools well before their first session and provide key communication tools to facilitate the cultural exchange experience.





Volunteering using online platforms is an innovative way to help and motivate many around the world with your talents, knowledge, and experiences. Through our volunteer options, you get to connect with non-profit partners, specific communities, organizations and  schools in different destinations.