Our live chats are designed for students, teachers, educators and/or organizations as a live tool to connect in real time with professionals and experts from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. We are not in the business of wasting anyone’s time. As former educators, we look for speakers to interact with participants and create an inquisitive taste for more.

Do you want to bring native speakers to interact with your language students and spice up classroom conversations? Would you just like to bring real culture or history into your classroom or work environment? Do you want to show your group real science, geography, or simply make your educational experience meaningful? If you answered yes to these questions, invite one of our live ViSpeakers to your workplace or classroom. Explore what’s included on every chat.

Below are some of our unique ViChats divided by themes:

Today in the Americas and Around the World

  • Covid 19 live speaker updates: hear from local residents on how they’re handling Covid19 in various communities around the world. (read more) Available in English, Spanish, and French from destinations such as the US, Puerto Rico, Panama, French Martinique, Costa Rica, Spain, and others.
  • Ask an expert – Interview and ask questions to an expert in any field of work. Are you studying hotel or airport management? Chat with a receptionist or with an airport ticket agent!

Language Immersion & Conversation

  • Interview a native Spanish/French-speaker – electrify your group or classroom with a live guest speaker. Ask him/her questions as you chat live.
  • Q & A with a native Spanish/French-speaker – choose a speaker that matches your current topic of study or work. Ask relative questions and interact live in a meaningful conversation.

History and Current Events

  • Puerto Rico
    • What Makes Someone “Puerto Rican?” – Interact with an expert on Puerto Rican culture, sociology, and traditions as we try to identify Puerto Rican traits.
    • Life After Maria: Learn about Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria: past, present, and future.
  • Puerto Rico and Panama
    • Historical walks in Colonial Towns: meet a local resident and learn about the fascinating history and stories of unique old Spanish capitals such as Old San Juan (1521) or Casco Colonial in Panama City (1673)

Science and Technology

    • Bioluminescent Bays of Puerto Rico: What are dinoflagellates and how can organisms “glow at night?” Find out from an expert in Puerto Rico’s biobays.
    • The Everglades: Meet a local expert and find out more about this vast land beyond crocodiles, alligators, and airboats.
    • Tropical Rainforest & Caves: Discover the only US national rainforest and learn about Puero Rican caves and karst territory.
    • San Blas Islands: Find out more about these remote islands (365 of them) and meet local tribe members.
    • Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs: Chat with a Costa Rican local and learn about the science of hot springs and the history of the Arenal area.

Culture, Traditions, and Peoples

    • Afro-Caribbean culture
      • Loiza and Puerto Rico – meet the most celebrated and renown artist in Loiza. Find out more about the Afro-Caribbean culture, music, and art in Puerto Rico (available in Spanish with English translation)
      • Slave Culture and Music in Martinique – meet Vamonos’ most loved speaker, presenter, M/C, musician, and artist. Find out how music and mother earth played a key role in making life bearable in spite of slavery (available in French with English translation).
      • Afro-French Caribbean Stories and Traditions Chat with a local Martiniquais and learn some stories and traditions of this Afro-French Caribbean island.
    • Street Mural Transformation – Meet community leaders in Yauco, Puerto Rico or Miami and learn how color and murals can drastically transform a neighborhood.
    • Family-Owned Pineapple Plantation – Meet and chat with a pineapple farmer in rural Puerto Rico. Learn some farming techniques and discover the benefits and challenges of this cultivating this crop.
    • Native American Indians in Texas – Chat with Native Americans and find out about their rich history in Texas and their connection with San Antonio’s Spanish Missions.
    • Indigenous tribes in Panama
      • Embera Tribe Life Inside the Forest of Panama – Meet tribe members and find out what life is like inside one of Panama’s rich forests.
      • Kuna Yala tribes Living in 365 Islands in the Caribbean – Chat with members of one of the most remote tribes in Central America. This tribe is spread out throughout 365 islands in the Caribbean.
    • Live From the Amazon, the Lost World – Meet a member of an Amazon tribe deep in the Amazon jungle. Chat live with people from the Canaima National Park, home of the world’s longest waterfall. Learn about the tribe’s region, traditions, and culture.

Each session includes:

  • ✅ Live local speaker in their environment
  • ViChat host for extra support
  • ✅ Structured, engaging, and interactive approach
  • ✅ Q&A opportunities
  • ✅ Pre-session pack: includes tools, and materials as needed
  • ✅ Post- session activities: workshops, music, travel opportunities
  • ✅ Private, safe and secured connection

Sessions are offered and customized to your group’s needs. We take into consideration the type of audience, the language comprehension level, necessary resources, and time required for an effective chat.

Each ViChat session may last 45 – 60 minutes. Multiple sessions can be done in one or more days as requested.