Our music programs are designed to actively share music and rhythms with other groups from around the world. These may be in the form of choir, band, or orchestra rehearsals, performances, workshops, or exchange programs with musicians and people from other cultures.

ViVamonos provides the tools, resources, and assistance for completing a music virtual experience. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Music exchange performances with choirs or music groups from other cultures
  • Connect with renown local directors, composers, and music artists
  • Custom-tailored music workshops: Afro-Caribbean, Native American, etc
  • Technology assistance in editing rehearsal, voice recordings, video, and performance.
  • Resources and marketing tools in order to promote virtual or physical presentations or concerts in venues such as churches, conferences, open squares, or remote villages around the world.
  • Showcase virtual performance to a foreign school, community or location.

Each ViMusic Session Includes:

  • ✅ Live professional local music director or conductor
  • ✅ Your immersion host for extra support
  • ✅ Performance editing: we’ll take care of creating the video and audio of everyone’s voices into one or multiple songs
  • ✅ Pre-session preparation: includes tools, and materials needed
  • ✅ Structured, engaging and interactive approach
  • ✅ Q&A opportunities
  • ✅ Post- session activities: workshops, music and travel opportunities
  • ✅ Private, safe and secured connection

ViMusic Performances:

Your choir or music group has the opportunity to virtually rehearse and perform through this interactive platform. We have a variety of performance options, such as:

  • Zoom performance where one or multiple songs are recorded from each individual’s piece and put together into a video
  • Musical performance exchange with a local choir, band, or music group
  • Music without Borders: bring your music to underprivileged communities through recorded performances

Pricing for ViMusic performances are customized by group, event, activity, and logistics.

ViMusic Chats:

Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rican Global Music Industry
What makes Puerto Rican music so popular throughout the world? Find out why this tiny island has produced famous singers over the last 50 years.

Q&A with Conductors
Interact with renown music conductors from the US, Argentina, or Puerto Rico

ViMusic Workshops:

Afro-Boricua Bomba Dance Workshop
Discover the steps, history, sounds, and movements of the drums and voices that represent the soul of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Dance Styles from 16th Century to Today
A folkloric group from Puerto Rico will show us, live, the dance styles, outfits, codes, and moves from colonial Spain to today.

Creole Music, Dances, and Games
Learn fun dances and games, with live percussion. Find out how music and the earth played a key role in offering respite to slaves.

Salsa Group Lessons: Puerto Rican Instructor
Learn the key steps in this great team building workshop.

Caribbean Percussion Workshop
Learn about Afro-Caribbean drums and rhythm in this introductory session on drumming.

Puerto Rica Danza
Learn about the origins of our “danza”. Dance one song with our local instructor.