Be present and participate in a LIVE virtual tour led by the Vamonos Tours and their staff (local experts, certified guides). These tours, available in diverse destinations across the world, are a great tool for students, adults, and any travelers. Meet and explore destinations as you connect with locals LIVE. Choose multiple destinations even in one day.

Choose between a virtual or a live experience through iconic locations and/or activities. Participants are encouraged to interact, ask questions, and even try some of the locals’ favorite treats while on a tour. Each session includes two speakers, maps, historical importances, and relevant resources.

ViTours can be done in one or two real time interactive immersive options:

  • Travel with G Maps – These are interactive virtual tours through Google Maps. This is a great tool to prepare groups for an upcoming trip. These tours are designed and led by Vamonos’ trained guides and/or teachers.
  • LivExperiences – Discover fascinating LIVE locations and experiences with locals.

Each session may last 45, 60, or 90 minutes with small fun breaks. Each includes:

  • ✅ Live local speakers who lead the tour
  • ✅ Your Immersion host for extra support
  • ✅ Pre-session preparation: includes tools, and materials needed
  • ✅ Structured, engaging & interactive approach
  • ✅ Q&A opportunities
  • ✅ Post- session activities: workshops, music & travel opportunities
  • ✅ Private, safe and secured connection

ViTrips by Destination

The following are available either via G Maps or through LivExperiences unless otherwise noted.

Puerto Rico

South America


Costa Rica

  • Family Farm: Wild life, Butterflies, & Chocolate  (LivE only)
  • Arenal: Volcanoes and Hot Springs


  • Buenos Aires: Futbol & Colors
  • Iguazu Waterfalls: Argentinian & Brazilian Perspectives


  • Everglades and Mickosukee Indians
  • Wynwood World: Arts and Murals
  • Animal Rescue Mission: Meet Incredible Creatures (LivE only)

San Antonio

  • UNESCO Heritage Sites
  • The Five Misiones and The Alamo