Our workshops and demonstrations are live and highly diverse. They range in topic anywhere from a salsa dance course to cooking lessons and beyond. They are offered in English, Spanish, French.

They are offered to small groups up to 8 participants or to live interactive audiences via webinars for larger groups. Sessions can be experienced at home, at school, or at any location with internet access.

Each workshop includes:

  • ✅ Live local speakers who lead the workshop
  • ✅ Your Immersion host for extra support
  • ✅ Pre-session preparation: includes tools, and materials needed
  • ✅ Structured, engaging & interactive approach
  • ✅ Q&A opportunities
  • ✅ Post- session activities: workshops, music & travel opportunities
  • ✅ Private, safe and secured connection

Active & Cultural

  • Salsa Group Lessons: Learn the key steps in this great team building workshop. Choose instructors from Puerto Rico, Miami, or Panama.
  • Afro-Boricua Bomba Dance Workshop – Discover the steps, history, sounds, and movements of the drums and voices that represent the soul of Puerto Rico.
  • Creole Music, Dances, & GamesLearn fun dances and games, along with some live percussion, as you find out how music and mother earth played a key role in offering Martinique slaves a respite from slavery.
  • Puerto Rican Dance Styles from 16th Century to Today: a folkloric group from Puerto Rico will show us, live, the dance styles, outfits, codes, and moves from colonial Spain to today.
  • Boxing 101: Learn the basics of boxing and/or kickboxing as you stay in shape with fun and challenging exercises, live!
  • Zumba or Other Dance Styles: Our instructors are eager to lead groups in any basic or advanced dance lessons. Let us know your preference and we’ll teach you, live!

Cultural Culinary Classes

  • Puerto Rican Empanadillas Learn how to make these and find out just how different are Mexican tacos from Puerto Rican ones.
  • Sorullos  – Our local chefs will delight groups with their interactive lessons on corn-filled “sorullos.”
  • Cacao-Making in Costa Rica – Where does chocolate come from? Is it easy to make it? Meet Costa Rica farmers and find out how to make homemade chocolate
  • Gallo Pinto for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – Learn to make Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica’s traditional dish that is prepared with the one and only Lizano sauce.
  • Accras de Morue 101 – Learn how to make Martinique’s most common and authentic creole snack (in French with optional English translation).

Multi-day themed-workshops:

  • Caribbean series
  • Latino series
  • USA series
  • World’s Natural Wonders series
    • Puerto Rico (BioBays, Caves & Forest)
    • Venezuela (Canaima & Amazon)
    • Costa Rica (Volcanoes and Fauna)
    • Panama (San Blas Islands)

We also offer premium workshops that may include pre-shipped materials.