Throughout the years, Vamonos has learned to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, such as the Zika virus, terrorism in Europe, Hurricanes Irma and Maria, earthquakes, etc. The current global pandemic is unlike anything this world has ever seen since 1917. Schools are closed, trips are canceled, students and teachers are at home.

As former teachers, we are aware of the high demands and constraints of a daily teaching schedule. However, we can’t imagine how much more work is now required of them in order to teach, apply concepts, and even test students virtually. How do you expose students to real-life experiences from home?

There are still fascinating educational and cultural experiences available to students online. Hundreds of skilled and fun people are out there eager to share their knowledge, talents, experiences, and human touch with our travelers.We’ve gone back to our drawing board of adaptability and asked ourselves:

  • How can we best serve the needs of educators, students, and institutions who can only experience education through a screen?
  • How do we transmit our cultural immersion experience to people virtually?
  • How do we make it real, palpable, “Vamonos-proof?”
  • Would a YouTube video or a cool documentary satisfy?

…Um, we didn’t think so either.

Meet our new virtual platform: ViVamonos (Spanish for “let’s live it out”). It’s a space that offers virtual interactive opportunities and activities that are compatible with what students experience on a tour. It’s live, it’s real, it’s palpable.

  • We provide a meaningful virtual experience with real live people, in real time.
  • Our program is designed by former teachers and experienced world travelers with educators in mind.
  • We provide an incomparable experience in global multiculturalism.
  • You’re guaranteed safe and secure private online connection.
  • We offer students a different perspective as they interact with people from across the world and some in remote locations.
  • Students will be immersed in a different culture, language, or artistic experience.