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THEMES: Cultural awareness, Argentinian traditions, culinary arts, Spanish
LANGUAGE: English and Spanish
GROUP SIZE: 10-20 participants
PRESENTERS: Vamonos host and an Argentinian local

DESCRIPTION: Learn about the cultural significance of Yerba Mate in society and how to properly prepare and serve it.

Learn about the social importance of Yerba Mate within Argentinian culture.
Participate in a demonstration of the proper preparation of this important beverage.
Learn the etiquette of how this beverage is served amongst a group of friends and why stirring it is considered a huge insult.
Use your Spanish skills to interview and ask your host questions related to our discussion.

5 Mins: Meet your Vamonos host and Argentinian local; introduction to this experience
25-30 Min: Live workshop on preparing and serving Mate
5-10 mins: Q & A session

APPROPRIATENESS: This workshop is appropriate for students ages 14 and up. Teacher supervision is required for minors.

MATERIALS: Tea kettle, yerba mate, mug, bombilla

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This workshop works best with a live audience and a teacher able to supervise and ask questions along the experience.

Formats available: ViWorkshop

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Workshop does not include mate or bombilla

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